Working out how to “Work Out”

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At a New Years Eve party last week someone asked me what my New Years Resolution was. At the time I honestly couldn’t think of anything I wanted to seriously resolve about my life or lifestyle (all while chugging champagne and dreaming of the McDonald’s hangover food I’ll consume the following morning….).

The next morning I did eat all of the McDonald’s humanly possible – and it tasted amazing… but I felt like shit. I continued to feel shit for the next two days until I finally snapped – something had to be done! I’d been on annual leave over the Christmas and New Year period and literally broke every “holiday diet” rule known to mankind. I drank everyday, I ate junk food most of the time, I didn’t do any exercise and there was actually a period there where I was in my PJ’s for three solid days. I was on holidays! Who cares! Apparently I should have as I’d managed to shrink my jeans… (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) After a brief grumble about being a fatty my partner and I decided we’d attempt to implement a lifestyle change – starting tomorrow..

The following morning we woke up early and took a 6.2km walk around Brisbane City. We didn’t plan for it to be so long, but we both really enjoyed ourselves – chatting, people watching, goofing off. It was great! We even stopped for a nice breakfast when we were done. Impromptu breakfast date – nice one!

I ached the next day, but I felt so much better – I felt so determined now to make a positive change. I searched for some inspiration online, and found an awesome running app called 0 to 5km – which trains you to be able to run 0-5km over 3 sessions a day for 8 weeks. It’s actually really fun! AND I finally had a chance to dust off that hot pink treadmill I impulse bought last year when I was feeling briefly motivated… But more than that – I had something I was working toward.

A friend at work was talking about her own New Years #fitspo so I mentioned the app, and whatdya know! She’s downloaded it too!! RUNNING BUDDIES! (YAY!) I’m a pretty competitive person – so the idea that we’re week for week on our running training means that if I slack off, I won’t be running 5km at the end of 8 weeks – and that’s just not an option at this point.

Tonight is session 3 for the week – but we have plans to walk to our local markets on Saturday morning, and complete our big city walk again come Sunday. Along with the change in exercise, we’ve been eating really healthily too. We’ve been preparing rock melon and strawberry for breakfast, and celery and carrot for snacks. For lunch I’m having Vita-Weats with avo, cottage cheese, smoked salmon and gherkins. Dinners are usually some kind of protein – salmon, steak, chicken or lamb with a salad or vegetables + NO ALCOHOL. This part sucks the hardest. We work really hard during the week, so knocking off and winding down with a glass of wine became one of our most loved rituals. We’re aiming to have no booze until our anniversary dinner at the end of January.

I’ve never been a big work out nut – I go through phases… one minute I’m obsessing over the calories in a muesli bar and the next I’m eating ham and cheese croissants for breakfast. I fall in and out of love with the challenge and usually give up by the first Friday. (Bring on the wine time!).  I feel like this time is different… something’s been awakened in me I didn’t realize was there. A determination to succeed at a fitness goal. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum and motivation, like I said – I’m only one week in… and tomorrow is Friday….

Wish me luck!!

Big Love, Jess xx


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